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Tuesday January 16th 2018


Las Vegas PC Virus Removal Advice

Virus protection, internet security software, personal computer updates, hacker protection and anti-virus downloads.

By: Fred Leonard

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We all know the dangers of theft and the need for security. In Las Vegas, computer security is important. Going on the internet is similar to going to the public library – dangerous. You want to keep your wallet , handheld, wireless or palm devices, in your front pocket. Hiding your hardware will protect you in the real world, but in cyber space you need hacker / anti-virus protection. Will this in itself keep you from being a victim of crime – real crime or cyber crime?

Well of course not – but you can take precautions on your Web security service and Internet Security. The same goes with your internet and computer security. Bring with you security software, Internet Security and online protection for your Computer. Take precautions from a hacker stealing your personal information, or destroying your computers so you won’t have to fix, repair, clean and heal your system.

What steps can you take RIGHT NOW?

The minimum you can do right now is to turn on your FIREWALL. A firewall is software that prevents other computers / hackers from accessing your computer. This firewall is included in XP so there is no reason not to turn it on.

Let us do all your computer maintenance service and see how well your computers perform throughout the years!

Go to your CONTROL PANEL select SECURITY CENTER The first option is Firewall. Turn that Utilities on now. You can even turn on your free Virus Protection here and automatic updates. But this one step is like locking the doors to your car.

If you do not like the Windows version, then you can google other companies like Mcafee , sometimes spelled Macaffee or McAfee online, where you can get downloads. Also try Norton and Panda Software for hacker protection.

So – are you now safe?

No the firewall does not fully protect you from Viruses, Spy ware or Trojans. Remember – Firewalls prevent another COMPUTER from accessing YOUR COMPUTER. And it is not just your computer anymore – but your Peripherals like your handheld, wireless and palm devices, any technology is at risk .Again, Viruses, Spyware and Trojans are programs, not computers – so you will need a different type of protection. LVIT will set up complete virus protection on networking computers and give your company virus protection, internet security software, personal computer updates, hacker protection and anti-virus downloads ,as this involves servers and more complicated configurations. But a firewall alone, will not protect you from all of those programs.

Instead you need an ANTIVIRUS program to get protection from Viruses, Spyware and Trojans. This is called anti-virus downloads.