Virus Removal in Las Vegas

August 25th, 2014

Malware incudes applications that spy on you, corrupt data, and destroy your hard drive. Don’t assume you need to wipe your computer clean and start over, we remove malware and viruses without having to erase you hard drive. You might lose some data, that’s natural, but you won’t lose everything.

For just $75 we have a virus removal program and tune up for customers who bring their computer in to the store. All y need to do is mention you traveled to our website, saw the special and we will give you an automatic $20.00 discount.  If it is difficult to get to our store, we offer an in-home service for $95.00. You will get the same fantastic service you get in our store.

LVIT prides itself on quality service. We do upgrades, virus removal, networks, sales and service as well as general maintenance. We fix all brands of PCs at a very reasonable cost. LVIT is based in Las Vegas Nevada and employs a team of IT professionals that offer services from huge casinos to small one man offices. We do make house calls to your home or office. On-site computer repair is a specialty LVIT has 20 years of experience in both software sales and programs as well as hardware. We will solve your computer problems.

After LVIT has finished maintaining and repairing your PC you will find your computer performs almost like new. If we can’t fix your PC up to your specifications, we will deliver the highest quality computers, computer equipment and technical expertise. It is our guarantee to ensure that you make the right choices in computer hardware and software.


Virus issues are huge for both consumers and our company. We take pride in working on the removal of viruses and studying now to keep them of your computer. Our goal is to remove the virus without formatting the hard drive. We provide on-site virus removal. Do be aware that in about 5% of all cases reformatting is the only option. We do change a flat fee, one hour of labor, for virus removal.

Our team will take all the time it needs to get rid of virus from your computer. If it takes us all night, we will work until we are successful. We feel that the work we do on your computer will give us more information to “cure” the virus when another customer comes in our store with the same virus problems.

Virus issues can be prevented with protection. You can solve virus issues before they happen by visiting our Tech Links Page and downloading Microsoft Security Essentials. Get the protection and stay safe. You have had all the reports that viruses steal your personal information. Invest in companies that protect your personal information. Virus protection software plus personal information protection equals computers that run efficiently, quickly and safely.

We guarantee to provide network security, computer programming, technical support and internet solutions plus hardware maintenance and more. You are not alone with computer problems when LVIT is on the job.

New PC Install

July 22nd, 2014

I got a call that a client who just purchased a new laptop.  This was at 10:00 a.m. I said I would be there at 1:30   (Same day) and when I got there the Laptop was infected with Optimizer Pro, Slow PC fighter and my pc backup.

Now these programs may work, but the way they go about installing makes me think it’s a scam.  You go to Google type in iTunes the first like is a paid ad, why pay to be there if ITunes is free.

Search Results

I am not saying anything bad about but it’s not the company who makes it, right below that is

Before I got there she went to download something she thought she needed and in turn, downloaded a program which installed 5 other programs to make your pc run better.  So the anti-virus didn’t stop it and malwarebytes will not stop it.  This is because it’s a program which you authorize the install of.

Be careful when you get your new pc.

Search Results

Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division. Ransomware

July 22nd, 2014

Another twist on the ransomware.  This one is Homeland Security.

Hi-jacked PC

Another Ransomware Program

Yes, in no time you too can be held hostage, by the new wave of Ransomware.  All they want is $300.  And if you pay the 3o0 you will be hit again.  So if you can get to safe mode run Malwarebytes, or ADWCleaner.

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LVIT Computer Repair

July 14th, 2014

Moved Next door, which is giving us more space to work. Same Address 2545 S. Torrey Pines, Las Vegas, NV 89146 Just new Entrance


Best Computer Repair Service in Las Vegas and same day service on Virus Removal.

SEO with WordPress Tips, Best Puggin???

June 25th, 2014

Need help; I have been trying my best to get my site back up in the ranking.  I put Ultimate SEO on the site and have not got the results I was hoping for.  I am reaching out for comments on what are your thoughts on the best SEO software for a WORDPRESS site.  I have two, one, this one is a blog, where I will start spending time each day getting my thoughts down on paper, other is a standard web site for LVIT.   I need some help or point me where to look find the best way to optimize my site for Search Engines.  Please give me some tips.  WordPress seo yoast ?    Thanks for your help.

Windows 8.1

June 23rd, 2014

The new update tries to put a start button back on the page and they released a new one so it’s not the same old start button. So the Classic Start menu is the best option. One more import thing to note from an I.T. point of view. There is no local administrator account. They force you to get a account and if you get your pc hi-jacked you have to admin account on the pc to fix it. So take the time to create a local Administrator Account.

Malvertising (malicious Advertising)

June 23rd, 2014

Malvertising (malicious Advertising) is a process of installing unwanted or outright malicious software on your pc. I first noticed it with Anti-virus 2008, which popped up on your screen and started running a scan of your Computer to see if you have any viruses. It pops up with a whole list of thing that is infecting your computer and for a fee $50 to $100 it will clean your pc. What in fact is happens is this program hijacks your computer, and will hold you hostage until you pay the price, figure out to remove the problem or call in the computer repair people. That is me, I am a full time I.T. guy who spends his day find and fixing this problems.
As I battle the increase of new forms of this, (the list now ranges for PC Protector, to System security) they all look very official. Now the part of this that is becoming the problem is, they are spending a lot of time and energy to make this work without having your real anti-virus software pick it up
Some of the stuff disables your task manager so you can’t even turn it off. There are some great programs out there to help you clean your pc when infected. Malwarebytes is one. But as this Malvertising gets better at what it does, it disable to the sites like from updating the software to remove their program.
Here are some ideas to try if you get infected. If you can still access your task manager (Alt + Ctrl + Delete) the program is running in the process tab. One of the most recent one I fixed with Personal Anti-virus, this program was running the process pav.exe.
I was able to end the process then clean the pc.
June 2014
Update, to the above post. The scammer’s and others who write this stuff have spent a lot of time getting past the latest anti-virus, spyware removal software, I am still the biggest fan of Malwarebytes, but if you get infected then try to go back and fix the problem you may not be able to get the problem removed. Found a new Product ADWCleaner which picks up some of the stuff, so it’s best to run it first. Note adwcleaner will expire in 2 weeks and if you try to run it, it will tell you it’s out of date and if you go to update it, it will delete the program you just started.
I have seen less of the FBI virus so that’s good, it would hi-jack your pc and ask you to get a green-dot card for $300 and the FBI will release the pc. And there is small print that says if you do not fix the problem it will return and if you paid 300 once you may do it again. But I recommend calling LVIT (702) 334-2323 first.
On Calling LVIT, I have found that when people try to fix it themselves, they do more damage than good, if you don’t know what you are doing call a pro.

You’ve been through a lot together, your computer and you.

February 18th, 2013

Shopping, socializing, searching for an emergency how-to at 3 a.m. – for issues great or small, your computer has probably fired up and given you just what you needed at just the right time.

So when do you know when to pull the plug on a sick computer, and when to rescue it?

The advent of new features and quick upgrades spurs some users to ditch last year’s model for something newer, faster, and sleeker. But if your computer does all you need it to, and what matters is on the inside, you likely will hold on to your PC or laptop for longer – and closer to the end of its natural life cycle.

To make sure you’re getting the best 4G Internet you can get, call Clear internet. You’ll want your computer running at max efficiency with the best wireless Internet connection available.

Just like gradual weight gain or the onset of crow’s feet, your computer’s reduced efficiency can sneak up on you. Boot-ups take longer. Page loads crawl along. Then one day, you get the dreaded blue screen of death.

Your computer is sick.

Here are a few questions you must ask yourself in determining whether to put the unit down mercifully and go shopping again, or leave it in the hands of a computer doctor to resuscitate:

Can you finish a task without having to troubleshoot?

It’s like that old car you have to hold the key just right to start, or enter only through the passenger-side door: You get used to the “quirks,” even when they become obstacles. Rather than becoming an expert at workarounds, go all-in on solving the problem once.

A fix: Uninstall the last program installed. Target the program that was installed just before the problems began. If you want to reinstall it, be sure to reboot before and after you do so.

Recycle if: Reinstallation doesn’t do the trick, or a program patch cannot be found.

Are you hearing new music when you start up?

If your computer plays “It’s a Small, Small World” or Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” at random, it’s not just for entertainment. It’s a warning sign – the computer’s BIOS is telling you the CPU fan is failing or has failed. It could also mean power supply voltages have drifted out of tolerance.

A fix: You can buy a replacement CPU fan for as little as $40 online. If it’s a matter of power supply voltages, you’ll likely need a professional repair.

Recycle if: The computer is older than 3, or this isn’t your first time with this issue.

Does your computer corrupt Microsoft documents when you try to save them?

It can annoy you, and the word “corrupt” might make you want to toss the unit. Corruption seems so unfixable, doesn’t it? But a little TLC and maintenance can alleviate the problem and keep it from popping up again.

Other common overestimated signs of computer apocalypse include the computer asking to be opened in safe mode, not allowing a user to print, or cycling through opening windows but not getting to the desktop screen.

A fix: First, back up any data you have stored on the unit.

Run a chkdsk /r from the recovery console. This will display your file system integrity status and fix logical file-system errors.

Second, run a virus scan. You should set your antivirus software for continual or periodic scans, but you can also run one on command.

If that fails, perform a system restore from safe mode. Again, don’t forget to back up your data!

If one of these solves your issue, be sure to renew any antivirus software and heed security software expirations. As with the engine light on your car, ignoring these maintenance measures won’t make the problem go away.

Recycle if: You don’t have the time or interest in maintaining your computer. Ignoring these warning signs could lead to a hard-drive failure that could cost $100 to replace and $300 to have serviced. In that case, the cost of repair starts to become prohibitive. It’s then time to buy.

System Fix Latest piece of fake crap.

August 8th, 2012

This is a new one takes over your computer and places an FBI Warning and asks you to go to Wal-Mart.   The problem with this is it takes over your Alt + Ctrl + Delete.  But the good news is booting into safe mode can fix the problem.  The program itself resided under c:\Program Data\ and it’s a long computer generated name so it’s easy to find.  There are 3 or 4 files.  Delete them then run Malware bytes from  You will be fine.

Bing update

May 28th, 2012

I am back in Bing.  I submitted my first support ticket with Microsoft Customer Support on May 12, 2012.  While I waited for a response I tracked down the spammer.  I found the company he was trying to boost made it into the 1st position in Bing. That in itself is impressive.  It’s just sad that they had to take out the competition instead of just letting it get there naturally.   As for the support, it took 7 tickets to get it fixed and by the 24th of May it was fixed.  Here it is Sunday night, 5/27/2012 and I am back in ranking.  Down on the bottom of the first page but I am there.