Blocked from Bing

May 25th, 2012 | by Admin |

A funny thing happened on the way to the web this morning.  I found that was no longer in Bing or Yahoo.  When the phone stopped ring I started looking into the problem.  I found I was still in first place for computer repair Las Vegas, But it was not in Bing.  Then I went to and typed this was a sure way to pull up my web site.  I started looking into it and found that someone got me banded from Bing.

So HOW.  I started looking and found that whoever was doing it posted 8 bogus reviews on Google.  On one point he is act like an employee saying he would look into it.  As an employee he gave LVIT a 1 star.  So with that game I lost one star to one person.  Then I found someone was listed as a spammer on Stop forum spam.  There were 448 enters for one IP address  (If you know how to find the address for that IP address please share).  A Las Vegas Embarq Customer.  they started in Mid-January so it took a lot of time to do this.

I was able to find a link back to the bad reviews on the guy messed up and wrote his first bad review to me and a good review for them.  At the time this happed had 5 Google reviews.  In a week they had 102 Google reviews.

The moral of the story is yes you can take your competition out of the search engines, if you have nor morals.



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