Virus Removal in Las Vegas

August 25th, 2014 | by Admin |

Malware incudes applications that spy on you, corrupt data, and destroy your hard drive. Don’t assume you need to wipe your computer clean and start over, we remove malware and viruses without having to erase you hard drive. You might lose some data, that’s natural, but you won’t lose everything.

For just $75 we have a virus removal program and tune up for customers who bring their computer in to the store. All y need to do is mention you traveled to our website, saw the special and we will give you an automatic $20.00 discount.  If it is difficult to get to our store, we offer an in-home service for $95.00. You will get the same fantastic service you get in our store.

LVIT prides itself on quality service. We do upgrades, virus removal, networks, sales and service as well as general maintenance. We fix all brands of PCs at a very reasonable cost. LVIT is based in Las Vegas Nevada and employs a team of IT professionals that offer services from huge casinos to small one man offices. We do make house calls to your home or office. On-site computer repair is a specialty LVIT has 20 years of experience in both software sales and programs as well as hardware. We will solve your computer problems.

After LVIT has finished maintaining and repairing your PC you will find your computer performs almost like new. If we can’t fix your PC up to your specifications, we will deliver the highest quality computers, computer equipment and technical expertise. It is our guarantee to ensure that you make the right choices in computer hardware and software.


Virus issues are huge for both consumers and our company. We take pride in working on the removal of viruses and studying now to keep them of your computer. Our goal is to remove the virus without formatting the hard drive. We provide on-site virus removal. Do be aware that in about 5% of all cases reformatting is the only option. We do change a flat fee, one hour of labor, for virus removal.

Our team will take all the time it needs to get rid of virus from your computer. If it takes us all night, we will work until we are successful. We feel that the work we do on your computer will give us more information to “cure” the virus when another customer comes in our store with the same virus problems.

Virus issues can be prevented with protection. You can solve virus issues before they happen by visiting our Tech Links Page and downloading Microsoft Security Essentials. Get the protection and stay safe. You have had all the reports that viruses steal your personal information. Invest in companies that protect your personal information. Virus protection software plus personal information protection equals computers that run efficiently, quickly and safely.

We guarantee to provide network security, computer programming, technical support and internet solutions plus hardware maintenance and more. You are not alone with computer problems when LVIT is on the job.

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