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Tuesday January 16th 2018


Mass Email Advertising Laws

Email laws, CAN-SPAM, official email rules, government email rules and CAN-SPAM laws explained. Email rules explained.

By: Summer Cisco


A friend of mine had a client who wanted to send a bunch of emails.
Before proceeding he asked me if I knew the “official rules.”
He heard that you could hire a service, which will send mass emails on your behalf.
Maybe this would be the route to go? Would he get in trouble and would it be worth it?

Before proceeding I fired up Google and got the information – straight from the government themselves. Click here as I have provided a useful link to the official gov CAN-SPAM rules – then come back, as I put these rules in a form that humans can understand.

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Here is what the Government site says:

First off the law is called CAN-SPAM act, (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) effective Jan 1, 2004. Google it for yourself. It is the one Federal Law that replaces the 35 or so laws we had before.

  • CAN-SPAM does not affect transactional or relationship emails. For instance warranty recalls from companies, safety notices, updates or upgrades. This is common sense – imagine if a product needed to be recalled – the company would not get in trouble for sending all customers the information.
  • CAN-SPAM bans harvesting emails through automatic means. You’ve seen it when you have to put in a series of random letters and numbers before you go to the next screen? This practice prevents automatic programs from moving quickly onto the next screen and getting information. CAN-SPAM bans this practice of getting email addresses. This means – don’t unleash a crawler program onto a blog or message board to get email addresses.
  • CAN-SPAM banns selling, leasing, transferring or releasing an email address after the user has opt-out.

YOU MUST PUT YOUR FULL VALID PHYSICAL POSTAL ADDRESS in every email. ( Be on the safe side an put a street address, not a postal address.)

NO DECEPTIVE SUBJECT LINES. No ” for you only ” or ” from a friend ” etc. This is misleading. The subject line must describe what is in the email.