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Saturday February 24th 2018



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Here at LVIT, Las Vegas Computer repair we can fix almost anything computer related. But sometimes the computer is just too old to run what the customer wants. Should you just toss that computer into the dumpster? No. We all know that if we have extra car oil, we do not dump it because the oil will go back into the oceans.

Recycling is nothing new. Instead of throwing your computer away – to be found a thousand years from now by future archeologist. Your computer is given to someone to reuse – or dismantled for its parts. Or correctly disposed of that will not release the chemicals.

What type of chemicals are in your computers?
• Lead
• mercury
• cadmium
• and PVC.

Lead is harmful because lead bonds to metabolic chemicals so they don’t function properly which can lead to brain damage, birth defects, and death.

Exposure to mercury can be toxic at lethal levels. The populations most sensitive to mercury exposure are pregnant women and children.

Long-term exposure to air containing cadmium dust or fumes increases a person’s lung cancer risk.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which are known to cause health problems such as cancer, respiratory illness, and reproductive damage and are able to accumulate in the human body and travel long distances through air and water when not disposed of properly.

Ok, those of you that have thrown your computer out the window – the correct way to get rid of your computer is not tossing it into the trash. But to give it away to a community center or someone in need.

Are there fines for not properly disposing your computer? Yes every state has their own fine structure if you get caught. And you will get caught if you do not wipe off your hard drive of all its information. Programs BOOT and NUKE are programs that can help you do this. But remember no Software can guarantee 100% protection to wipe out your PC of its information.

What about giving your computer over to a recycle center? People are people, you never know if someone from the recycling plant will take your computer home and give it to their kids! So clear off those hard drives!

You can also donate it to the thrift stores for a second life. It might be of use to someone for ten bucks. Ask schools or community centers if you have a working computer that is too slow for your modern programs – but good enough for web browsing if they can use it.

IDEAS for places in Las Vegas to donate computers to :

• SHELTERS for homeless
• JOB Training centers
• Community Centers
• Women’s Abuse Shelters

If you cannot wipe your drive – simply take it out and keep it. A small book sized drive is easier to keep than your desktop.

Computer Recycling providers range from the principal system vendors — including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Dell, and Sun — to scores of specialty providers.

Don’t want to ship your computer back to the company you bought if from? Then, Below you will find a widget that will find computer recycling centers in your area!

Below you will find a widget that will identify e-recyclers in your area code.