Malvertising – Making Life Unbearable

September 18th, 2009 | by Admin |

Malvertising (malicious Advertising) is a process of installing unwanted or outright malicious software on your pc.    I first noticed it with Anti-virus 2008, which popped up on your screen and started running a scan of your Computer to see if you have any viruses.  It pops up with a whole list of thing that is infecting your computer and for a fee $50 to $100 it will clean your pc.  What in fact is happens is this program hijacks your computer, and will hold you hostage until you pay the price, figure out to remove the problem or call in the computer repair people.  That is me, I am a full time I.T. guy who spends his day find and fixing this problems.
As I battle the increase of new forms of this, (the list now ranges for PC Protector, to System security) they all look very official.  Now the part of this that is becoming the problem is, they are spending a lot of time and energy to make this work without having your real anti-virus software pick it up
Some of the stuff disables your task manager so you can’t even turn it off.    There are some great programs out there to help you clean your pc when infected.  Malwarebytes is one.  But as this Malvertising gets better at what it dose, it disable to the sites like from updating the software to remove their program.
Here are some ideas to try if you get infected.  If you can still access your task manager (Alt + Ctrl + Delete) the program is running in the process tab.  One of the most recent one I fixed with Personal Anti-virus, this program was running the process pav.exe.
I was able to end the process then clean the pc.


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